移民考试 & COVID-19信息

At hg8868皇冠登录, we understand that our current world circumstances
regarding the pandemic of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) may bring up many questions



If you are 不 sure of what type immigration appointment you need or would just like to know the cost or availability of appointments, 我们的两分钟移民问卷可能会有帮助.


If you know what type of appointment you need and are ready to schedule, 只要填好这张表,我们就会和你联系. 如果您不确定,请阅读我们的简报 移民的调查问卷.
美国海关及移民服务局 requires anyone seeking to become lawful permanent residences to receive a medical examination be conducted by a USCIS- and CDC-designated Civil Surgeon. 的 I-693 Medical Exam has very specific regulations and requirements that are 所有 necessary to fulfill both USCIS and CDC standards in order to confirm that an individual is admissible to the US on public health grounds. 有些人,比如难民,可能只需要一个 记录审查 而不是满足USCIS要求的完整考试. 如果您不确定您将需要哪个过程,我们的 移民的调查问卷 会给你指明正确的方向吗.

  • 与民间外科医生进行身体检查
  • 完成I-693文件
  • 审查个人医疗记录
  • 核实目前的疫苗接种/免疫状况
  • 结核病、梅毒和淋病筛查


  • 口译员(如果你不能用英语交流)
  • Government-Issued Identification (passport, identity card, driver’s license, travel document, etc)
  • 你的免疫接种/免疫记录
  • 每人一份填妥的I-693表格的列印副本

表格I-693可在此查阅: http://www.美国入籍与移民Services局.gov/i-693

在一次体检中, 民间外科医生会进行基本的身体检查, review any records you provide and make recommendations of which lab tests and immunizations you need in order to fulfill USCIS requirements. 在看了外科医生之后, 对结核病进行筛查, 梅毒, 和淋病, 哪些要送到实验室处理. Any needed vaccines are 不 包括在考试费用里 as individual needs vary but can be administered for an additional cost if needed.
在你的预约安排好之后, 在获得任何额外的疫苗前,请咨询我们的诊所. 在你预约的那天,喝大量的水. 禁食是没有必要的. 另外,一定要带 所有 of the necessary items to your appointment to prevent rescheduling, 延迟, 或费用(一份I-693表格,其中第1-4部分用黑色墨水填写, 识别, 翻译, 和疫苗记录(英文翻译).
的 total cost for an immigration exam can vary from person to person because it is dependent on which type of appointment you will need, as well as which vaccines and tests you need to have done in order to fulfill the USCIS requirements. To see how much an exam would cost for you and/or each of your family members, 只需点击我们的移民问卷 在这里.

请注意,任何需要的疫苗 包括在考试费用里. Most vaccines are available at our clinic and can be administered at an additional cost.

No. We do 不 bill or correspond with personal health insurers regarding billing for any part of these visits. 如果请求, we will provide you with an invoice and receipts with the appropriate codes to pursue reimbursement from your insurer. If you choose to do so, you are responsible for 所有 interactions with your insurer. 如果需要任何疫苗, you are welcome to use your personal health insurance at a local pharmacy or your doctor’s clinic to cover the costs associated with those vaccines, with the results being sent to us to complete your medical exam process.
记录审查 process is for any applicant who has already had a medical exam and is ONLY being instructed by USCIS to have their records reviewed again by a Civil Surgeon. Often this process applies to individuals who are in the United States as Refugees or who have come on K1 visas without having had a prior medical exam by a Civil Surgeon before leaving their previous country of residence. 如果您或您的家人还没有任何考试, you will need a full physical exam by the Civil Surgeon and the information about the Vaccine Review Process does NOT apply in your circumstance.

Historic所有y, we have offered this service to our patients, but as of 07/20/2021, we are no longer accepting non-exam paperwork for review for immigration.

We continue to offer the complete Immigration Physical Exam with a Civil Surgeon at both of our clinics. 再次,如果你有疑问,回答几个问题 我们的移民调查问卷 will help you know process is required to comply with your current immigration requirements.

If you schedule an appointment with us, it is important to attend it. If you are unable to keep your appointment, it is necessary to give us at least 24 hours of 不ice. Please keep in mind that the $50 per person deposit made for this appointment at the time of scheduling is non-refundable.
我们不为移民预约安排翻译. In order for us to appropriately help you during your time with us, 你需要能够阅读, 写, 用英语听和说, 或者带一个翻译来帮你完成文书工作. This person may be professional or a friend/ family member that is over 18 years of age and that is fluent in the English language. 的y must be able to verify that you understand the paperwork that you are signing.
You should plan on being in our office 1-2 hours per individual exam to complete 所有 aspects of your physical exam with the Civil Surgeon, 文件审查和筛选.
通常情况下,文档会在一到两周内完成. 这个时间框架只是一个估计, 然而, and your documents may take more or less time based on which tests, immunizations and services you need in order to fulfill USCIS requirements. You can help expedite the process by providing us with documentation of your previous immunizations or proof of immunity against vaccine-preventable diseases, 或者尽快获得所有必要的疫苗. 一旦您的文件准备好领取,我们将与您联系.

**Please 不e that there is currently a 60-day time frame in which a completed packet must be turned into USCIS. If turned in after 60 days, the packet will be rejected by the USCIS as “expired”. 而提前计划通常是有帮助的, getting your medical exam too soon in advance in the immigration process may cost you more money and time than planned. Please let our staff know about any current time concerns or upcoming USCIS appointments when making your Immigration Medical Exam appointment.


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